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ALPHASYSTEM S.A. continuously invests significant amounts of money, for new, innovative, developed products with guaranteed operation-with minimal maintenance- for a lifetime.

Imitators don’t consume time or spend money in order to develop any products which comply with the safety rules.

Fake products can expose you in serious dangers, since they do not comply with the International and European safety standards, and they ignore qualitative controls.

These dangers have to do with:

  • Not only the users’ safety but also with the safety of the technicians who install the products as well.
  • The possible breakdowns or the destruction of the installation.
  • The absence of technical support and guarantee.


Safety imitation is impossible.

When the product is safe, it must be able to function immediately and reliably.

  • Imitations are mostly manufactured by cheap and not safe materials
  • Imitators reduce the cost because they don’t follow the requirements of the quality and safety standards.
  • Imitators copy in general the appearance of the product, but they don’t have the “know-how”, to reproduce the technology. If they had it, they would create their own eponymous products!

In other words:

Imitating the company’s operation is impossible. The procedures and the philosophy that characterize a company’s operation are unique characteristics that are imprinted on the quality of the product.